Pickleball Shirts | Best picks of 2022

If you are an active participant in the game of pickleball, then you have undoubtedly seen a lot of pickleball shirts on and off the court. And you might be wondering where you can find a funny or relatable pickleball shirt to wear to your next game.

Well, there are lots of options for pickleball t-shirts. In fact, we have a fantastic list to show you! We will show you some of the funniest and coolest designs for fans, pros, or individuals who simply enjoy the game.

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, pickleball has a solid following, and like fandoms, a good collection of pickleball shirts is ideal for game-day or showing a fun side of your personality.

So let’s get to the list that covers the best funny, athletic, and customized-for-genders pickleball t-shirts, ideal for all ages. If you are looking for a pickleball skirt you can click here to see our top picks.

Best Funny Pickleball Shirts

1. Who’s Serve? Funny Pickleball Gifts Shirt

This shirt truly captures the essence of a long day of pickleball fun. Sometimes, you get caught in the game; you lose track of the serve, score, and even the day. This funny pickleball t-shirt has typography that could turn into a pickleball game chant.

It is made from high-quality cotton with polyester fusion. Thus, it is ideal for machine washing and drying. The lightweight feel of the shirt ensures you remain comfortable and dry throughout the game.

The super thick fabric makes it absorbent and resistant to tearing, but this may not fly well with people who like looser and stretchy pieces.

2. Unknown I Don’t Always Play Pickleball Oh Wait Yes I Do T-shirt

This is a cool and fun t-shirt ideal for regular players and professional pickleball athletes. It outlines the love for the game while being playfully casual about it. It has a cotton-polyester blend for maximum absorption and comfort.

This type of shirt will have others asking where you got it. The lovely fabric washes well, and it feels soft and comfortable on various skin types.

The sizes are ideal for all genders, adults plus teens, so everyone can join in on the fun. The right size will give you a loosely fighting shirt, with room for movement, especially on the shoulders, arm-holes, and hips.

3. Vintage Pickleball Player Funny I’d Hit That Retro T-Shirt

And finally, there is nothing like a subtle naughty joke on a t-shirt to set you up for a game of pickleball. This retro vintage-style t-shirt has a subtle joke tailored to pickleball that will have people laughing or at least smiling.

The cotton-polyester blend rests smoothly on skin types, and even after a wash, the texture does not change. The combination aids with sweat absorption, keeping you dry and cool. It also keeps you warm on cooler days.

The shirt comes in multiple solid colors and heathers, ideal for adults and genders of all ages. The colorful vintage design will undoubtedly earn you a few looks.

Best for Men Pickleball Shirts

1. Funny Pickleball Retirement T-Shirt For Men

For retired dads and grandpas who are staying active by playing pickleball, this is the perfect funny and relatable t-shirt. It is lightweight, thanks to the cotton, polyester, and cotton-polyester blending, depending on the color you get.

The shirt fabric is ideal for machine wash, and the material remains smooth, absorbent, and comfortable. The typography is bold, funny, and long-lasting. The classic double-needle sew on the sleeve, and bottom hem ensures long-term wear.

The print is high-quality, beautiful, and durable. The shirt also comes in multiple colors. The size chart is inclusive, and you can get a true-fit size with proper measurements.

2. Husband Dad Legend Vintage Pickleball T-Shirt

This vintage-style t-shirt is ideal for dads, husbands, and pickleball legends, as the shirt will tell you. The shirt comes in solid colors and heathers. This gives buyers a choice of cotton and polyester fabrics with a cotton-polyester blend serving the middle.

The vintage shirt has bold and beautiful lettering in vintage style. It is the type of shirt that will get you noticed at your next pickleball game.

The inclusive sizing chart allows a true-size fit, giving you freedom of movement at the shoulders, arms, and hips. The shirt’s durability ensures long-term wear, so you can look stylish at every game.

3. I Love It When My Wife Lets Me Play Pickleball T-Shirt

You love your wife, especially when she lets you play pickleball, right? Most people will agree that this is a stylish shirt. From a distance, it announces the love for your significant other, and up close, it lets fellow players know just how much you love pickleball.

It is the perfect gift idea for wives to their pickleball-obsessed husbands. The size chart lets you pick a true-fit t-shirt with room in the arms and hips. This ensures you can move flexibly and stay comfortable throughout the game.

The shirt comes in multiple solid colors that give users a range based on likes. The soft cotton and polyester material also rests comfortably on different skin types.

Best for Women Pickleball Shirts

1. A Girl Who Loves Sunshine And Pickleball T-Shirt

This bright, fun, and playful t-shirt is ideal for women who love pickleball. It features a vintage retro design with bold lettering and a lovely rainbow.

The t-shirt comes in various colors and fabrics ideal for machine washing. The fabrics are also smooth on the skin, so they are ideal for hot and cold days. The size chart runs a little small, so users should buy one size bigger for a good, comfortable fit.

The retro design of the shirt remains stylish for years to come. It is an ideal gift idea for any woman who likes rainbows, pickleball, and retro vibes.

2. Grandma Pickleball Player T-Shirt

Know a fun grandma who loves or plays pickleball? Then you have found the perfect gift idea for her. This t-shirt has a cool paddle and ball design with bold lettering saying ‘I’m a pickleball, Grandma, Just like a normal grandma except way cooler.’

The message is fun and pickleball-related. It has cotton and polyester fabric options with a cotton-polyester blend. Both fabrics are smooth and ideal for all skin types. In addition, they are absorbent and warm.

Again sizing may be an issue, so always go for a bigger size when purchasing this t-shirt. Other than that, it is a high-quality t-shirt.

3. Stay out of the Kitchen Play Pickleball T-Shirt

And finally, for women who love pickleball more than they love kitchen chores, go for this t-shirt. It is a stylish t-shirt with a modern look and feministic appeal. Similar to other t-shirts, it comes in cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two.

Therefore, it is smooth, durable, comfortable, and, most importantly, breathable. This is the ideal shirt to wear to a tournament as a player or a fan. The double-needle sews on the sleeve, and the bottom hem ensures long-term wearing without fraying.

You may have trouble with the sizing chart, but you can get a larger size than what you wear to have a well-fitting shirt with enough hip and arm movement.

Best Athletic Pickleball Shirts

1. Pickleball Ball Heartbeat T-Shirt

The design of this pickleball t-shirt captures the true love for the sport and makes it ideal for players. The t-shirt is lightweight, offering a classic fit to give players enough movement at the arms, shoulders, and hips.

It has cotton, polyester, and blended options for players to pick the most comfortable fabric. However, each choice presents a comfortable feel, moisture absorption, and effortless stylishness.

The heartbeat with a pickleball decal is long-lasting, so players can enjoy multiple machine washes without the print fading or breaking. It comes in numerous colors so players can get variations and make it their signature look.

2. Simple Pickleball T-Shirt

Are you looking for something punny? Then this t-shirt is sure to make your friends and fellow players laugh before the game starts. The print has a smiling pickle with a paddle playing pickleball. It is playful, attention-grabbing, and fun.

The cotton-polyester blend gives players moisture absorption, with a comfortable feel on the skin even after hours of play and multiple washes. In addition, it provides the wearer with a classic fit that facilitates swift and comfortable movement during intense games.

This comfortable, good-quality shirt is also lightweight and keeps wearers warm on cold days. It is so cozy that even fans would love the purchase.

3. Pickleball Athlete Shirt

And finally, go for this funny and athletic pickleball shirt that reimagines the famous Air Jordan logo. The figure has a pickleball paddle with bold lettering at the bottom. It is simple, creative, and made for players.

The fabric of the shirt makes it feel thick and not too light. This gives players moisture absorption properties and durability. This thick feel lasts even after several machine washes, together with the graphics on the shirt.

The size chart is inclusive, but you may have to go for a size bigger in some cases. But other than that, you will be ready to hit the court with a stylish pickleball shirt.

FAQs About Pickleball Shirts

  • What do people wear to play pickleball?

Both players and fans wear anything comfortable and appropriate. Most players wear athletic shorts or sweatpants for free movement and moisture-wicking properties. Some also wear tennis-style dresses and skirts.

Players also wear athletic pickleball t-shirts. Some even go for the playful and fun pickleball-themed t-shirts. Fans can wear anything comfortable, but a t-shirt with a punny or funny pickleball message will show your dedication and love for the game while letting you be effortlessly stylish.

  • Are pickleball shirts trendy?

Pickleball is growing in popularity as more families, individuals, rec centers, and sports clubs pick up the sport. It is safe to say that this sport is very trendy, so it would make sense that pickleball apparel is also fashionable.

The growing population of fans has seen more manufacturers creating funny and relatable pickleball shirts and apparel. Modern players are ditching their old-style shirts and instead going for the fun, playful versions.

If you are a fan or just got into the game, a pickleball t-shirt will accentuate your game-day style. You will be dressed for the game and effortlessly chic.

  • How much do pickleball shirts cost?

An excellent high-quality pickleball t-shirt will cost anywhere between $14 and $23, although there are more expensive ones.

This is the market rate for fun, and athletic pickleball shirts, made from cotton or polyester blends. You could find a beautiful t-shirt with multiple color options at this price.

Remember that higher price tags do not always mean good quality. Check the fabric and the reviews to guide you into an inexpensive and good-quality t-shirt. The list above features pickleball shirts in the range mentioned.

These shirts are affordable while giving you excellent quality. Therefore, try them out before you look for anything higher-priced.

  • Are pickleball shirts comfortable?

Comfort is in the materials and size. You have to go a size bigger for some pickleball t-shirts, so it gives you a loose contoured fitting ideal for rapid and intense movement. Therefore, always check the size chart.

As for materials, always go for lightweight and breathable fabrics. Whether you are a player or a fan, you will be out in the sun for a long time, working up a sweat. You should get a t-shirt that can absorb the sweat and keep you dry.

That is why cotton and polyester are a perfect blend. It is lightweight, absorbent, and ideal for all skin types.

Final Take

It is safe to say that this list has something for every pickleball fan and player out there. Any of these shirts allow you to look and remain cool during a game. In addition, they are easy to style and are sure to capture people’s attention. If you still aren’t sure on which shirt to get we have a whole list of pickleball gifts and pickleball accessories already picked out for you!

Just remember to buy the correct size. It should fit loosely to give you comfortable movements, but there should be some contouring on the body. You can never go wrong with colors, but solid colors are best for people above 24 to make you look more mature. And finally, always select high-quality breathable fabrics to keep you cool and dry.

So start your pickleball shirt collection today using the list above. You will never have to worry about looking good during a pickleball game again!

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