Top 7 Pickleball Skirts Of 2022 Reviewed

Best Pickleball Skirts and Skorts

You might not be able to find many options out there when it comes to pickleball skirts. This is because pickleball women have to settle for tennis skirts most of the time.

But there is nothing wrong with it, as pickleball closely resembles tennis in body movements and shots. So, you can go in a tennis skirt if you want. But pickleball is a more relaxed version of tennis, so why not go for a more open and comfortable dress?

To assist you with this, we have developed this post and will review the top 7 best pickleball skirts of 2022.

You will also find some pickleball skorts in our list, so carry on reading to get our full scoop on this. If you were looking for more clothing such as pickleball shirts click here to read about our top picks!

Best Pickleball Skirts of 2022

1.   Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt – Best Plus Size Skorts for Pickleball players

This skort features inbuilt compression shorts, and you can use those handy but deep smartphone pockets. This skirt is with quality fabric that provides you with UV protection.

The high-quality shorts, or skirt with shorts underneath are available in various sizes, and you can also go for plus size if you want. The Ultimate Skirt is lightweight, form-fitted, and breathable, and it is made of a 5-way stretch fabric blend that includes the inner shorts.

There are flat seams for added comfort, and the shots have a medium rise. With the wide waistband, you will get plenty of protection on the court during your game. It is a top choice for athletes of different sports and outdoor activities.

You can use the Ultimate Skirt for pickleball, tennis, running, and other outdoor sports and activities. This skirt is available in three bright-colored options, and you can pick one according to your preferences and choice.


●     Available other sizes along with plus size.

●     3 different colors are available.

●     Form fitted, breathable and lightweight.

●     Made of 5-way stretch material with flat seams.

●     Deep and easy-to-access storage pockets.


●     These skorts need to come with a drawstring.

2.   Baleaf Pickleball Skorts w/ 20-inch Knee Length – Best Pickleball Skorts in LongerLengths

If you are after a pair of pickleball skorts with a longer length, you should consider the Baleaf skorts. These skirts come in modest sizes. You can wear them for different outdoor activities such as pickleball, tennis, golf, and others.

There are 10 different colors options available to choose from. You can also go for skirts that are available in various sizes.

One of the best features of this pickleball skort, or skirt with shorts underneath is the fabric they are made of. This fabric is completely moisture-wicking, and it is a blend of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex.

So, it is pretty breathable, and you will feel comfortable while playing pickleball. This skort also provides sun protection and keeps your skin safe from any burns or those harmful UV rays.

The length of the skirt ranges from 20 to 21 inches up to your knees, and it provides you with more coverage. It also features inbuilt liner shorts to enjoy your play with full comfort. The shorts won’t roll up, and you won’t have to deal with any see-through blunders either.

This skirt comes with four different pockets that you can use to store your stuff, such as your phone or your keys. An inner drawing is fully adjustable, and it comes with elastic features. Moreover, the skirt has a pretty fashionable look with a high waist design.


●    Made of moisture-wicking fabric that also provides sun protection.

●     Inbuilt mesh liner prevents roll-ups and keeps the skirts breathable.

●     Comes with an adjustable inner drawing with elasticity.

●     Features four side pockets that you can use to place your stuff.


●     Not the best choice to wear on a hot day.

3.   Queen Of the Court Short Length Pickleball Skort – Pickleball Skirts in Shorter Lengths

This pickleball skort is a top choice for outdoor activities, including tennis, pickleball, and volleyball. It is available in various sizes and is made of a lightweight and breathable polyester-spandex blend.

You will feel pretty relaxed and comfortable in this pickleball skort because they have a pretty functional design along with stretchy material. 

A wide elastic waistband smoothes out your tummy and keeps the skirt in place when you move around on the court. It also features inbuilt black shorts that can wick moisture and provide all-day comfort. In addition, there are comfortable flat seams that reduce chafing as you move on the court.

This is a top choice for you to wear if you have a toned body and you want to flaunt it. It is pretty comfortable to wash, and you can tumble dry it to wear it again. You also won’t have to worry about any fading on this skort.


●     Very easy to maintain and clean.

●     Suitable for various outdoors activity.s

●     Fits well to flaunt. 

●     Available in different sizes.

●     Moisture-wicking black shorts are inbuilt.


    No color options are available.

4.   Queen of the Court Short Skirt with Leopard Print

These are the best tennis skirts that you can also wear on a pickleball court. The leopard print of this short skirt has a flattering look while still being unique and stylish on the court.

There are different sizes available, and you can pick one according to your preferences. You might not find more color options, but this print doesn’t need many chances.

It is made of poly-spandex and features elastic closure. The skirt is very comfortable to maintain, and you will have to tumble dry. It won’t fade away either, so the skirt is pretty long-lasting. The company has used quality polyester spandex to make this skirt. It is pretty comfortable to wear while keeping you relaxed as it will absorb any moisture.

There are inbuilt black shorts that with comfortable black seems to reduce chafing as you move around the court. You can use it for a range of different outdoor activities in addition to pickleball.


●     The athletic skirt looks pretty stylish with the leopard print.

●     It fits well and comes within in-liner shorts.

●     Very easy to clean and maintain and won’t fade.

●     Available in different sizes.


●     Not suitable for bulkier women.

5.   Pickleball Bella Martini Skort

This pickleball skirt comes with an A-line design, and it is slightly on the longer side, but it is not. It comes with a nice and funky color pattern, but no other options are available. However, you can pick the right size based on your preferences. 

You can stay active throughout the day in these skorts, and they have a pretty stylish and unique look with the a-line hem.

Furthermore, they come with inbuilt shorts to keep you comfortable during your gameplay. The Coolmax lining prevents overheating and reduces perspiration.

You will also find side balls and phone pockets in this skirt and keep your personal belongings.


●     The skirt is pretty comfortable to wear.

●     It has a nice and bright aura to it.

●     Made of durable fabric with moisture-wicking inline shorts.

●     Features phone and side ball pockets.


●     No color options are available.

6.    Skirt Sports Capri SkirtPickleball Skirts with Leggings

This Capri skirt comes with leggings, and it is pretty comfortable to wear while you play your favorite sports. It is available in different colors and designs, and you can pick the right one according to your preferences.

The Happy Girl Skirt is one of the brand’s finest and best-selling skirts. The skirt is made of highly durable yet breathable fabrics, and you can even wear it in cold weather if you want.

You can wear this shirt for pickleball, tennis, volleyball, and running. The fabric has lightweight micro-poly fibers that keep the skirt breathable and manage moisture effectively.

And the best part is that it comes with deep pockets that allow you to keep your personal belongings. The Capri has a feminine fitting, and it is curvy with an elastic waistband and yoke panels.

The skirt also comes with inbuilt compression pants, and they won’t chafe or creep up. They are so comfortable that you can do yoga while wearing these skirts and stay relaxed all the time.


●     Available in different colors, patterns, and sizes.

●     The fabric used to make these skirts is micro-polyester.

●     Highly breathable and relaxing.

●     No chafe or rolling up.

●     Four pockets are available with a comfortable in-liner with moisture-wicking properties.


●     Not the best option on a hot day.

7.   Alex + Abby Women’s Skirted Capri

Another option you can consider is this skirted Capri that is also available in different sizes. There are three other color options you can also feel for the in-liner. It is a top choice for aerobatic pursuits, but you can also use them for pickleball.

The skirted Capri comes with adjustable mesh out later, and it allows the fun color to pop out from under. It is a Capri that fits pretty well, and it has a wide waistband for better control and shaping.

It has stretch fabric for comfort and mobility. You will be very comfortable wearing this skirted Capri all day long.

However, this skirted Capri doesn’t come with any pockets. You will have to keep that in mind and store your personal belongings somewhere safe.

It is a pretty versatile skirted Capri that will make you look stylish, but you can also show a bit of your character with it.


●     Fits well and features a color pop design.

●     Comes with an outer mesh layer that controls the color pop.

●     Wide waistband for better control

●     Athletic wear


●     Doesn’t feature any pockets.

●     Not many color options are available.

What is Skort?

It doesn’t get crazier than this: first, we are talking about separate pickleball skirts, and now we are talking about pickleball skorts!

As rare as they sound, you can find them on the market with some research, and we have done it for your convenience. But first, let’s define what a skort is, after all.

A skort is a pair of shorts that has flap access at the front and at times on the back, and it gives an appearance of a skirt.

So, you wear it like a pair of shorts, but it looks like you are wearing a skirt. It looks pretty cool and is incredibly comfortable.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Pickleball Skirt?

You need to keep in mind different features while buying these pickleball skirts. Therefore, we are listing them down here in this brief buying guide.

Size and Design

There are different options you can consider in this regard. For example, most pickleball skirts and skorts come in different sizes and fun pickleball graphics.

Some of them are long, while others are short, some come with an a-line design, and others have attached leggings. Similarly, most brands also manufacture different sizes ranging from extra minor to upsize.


You have to make sure that you go with skirts or skirts made of highly breathable material. Polyester and spandex are a good option by micros polyester with a lining also come in pretty handy on a hot day.

Side Pockets

If you prefer to keep your belongings such as your keys, your phone, or even more pickle balls, you need to go for the skirts that come with pockets so you can place your belongings in them and keep them with you all the time on the court.

Popular Pickleball Skirt Brands

There are not many pickleball brands out there, but they are suddenly emerging one by one as the popularity of the sport increases.

One of the best pickleball brands is Queen of the Court, making skirts for different outdoor activities. Another one is Pickleball Bella which is also known for its versatile and expensive pickleball skirts. You can also find lululemon skort for use in pickleball skorts.


There is a range of other pickleball skorts and skirts available. Again, you can go for different designs and sizes based on your preferences, as packable is a more relaxed version of tennis; you can wear anything comfortable on the court and play out your shots. Visit for all things Pickleball!

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