The 10 Best Pickleball Shoes Of 2022 Reviewed

The 10 Best Pickleball Shoes Of 2022 Reviewed

Pickleball is a mix of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, but you don’t need much to be good at it apart from good shot-making skills. Get a pair of pickleball rackets and some pickleballs, go on the court and start playing. These days, you can easily find these pickleball courts. And when playing on these courts, you need to have a pair of good pickleball shoes to make those quick feet movements.

Some people would say that you can wear just about any running pair for pickleball. But that is not the case, and we will discuss all that in this article.

So, scroll down to get a full scoop on the best pickleball shoes of 2022.

Top 10 Pickleball Shoes Reviewed

1.     Adidas Grand Court Women’s Sneakers

Adidas Grand Court Sneakers are the best pickleball shoes for women. The sneakers are made of 60% synthetic textile and 40% leather. Therefore, they are robust and highly breathable. It means that these shoes will keep you comfortable throughout your playing session.

The sole of these shoes is made of rubber. Hence, it will keep your feet comfortable during your play and help in avoiding the impact. These are tennis-inspired shoes and have plenty of cushioning to make your feet relaxed and comfortable.

Adidas has kept the cushioning inside the shoes very balanced to ensure that they don’t feel too heavy. So there, you won’t have to compromise agility for comfort.

The shoes come in a regular fit, and they have lace enclosures. Their upper is made of synthetic leather for maximum durability. A cloudfoam sock liner makes the shoes even more comfortable and lightweight. Thanks to the rubber outsole, you can keep those swift turns while following the ball pretty easily.

These shoes conform well according to the shape of your feet. But make sure that you let them break in for a couple of weeks. After that, your pair will feel even more comfortable wearing and moving around.

These sneakers are available in different sizes, from small to large. But you need to order half a size smaller if you want a slightly tighter fit.


  • Excellent choice for casual and sportswear.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Lightweight construction yet plenty of cushioning.
  • The rubber sole ensures proper traction.
  • Cloudfoam sock liner for comfortable contoured fitting.


  • They do need some time to break in.

2.     Asics Upcourt 4 Women’s Shoes

The Asics Upcourt 4 shoes have a much more classic look, and they are suitable for women who want a decent amount of support while running on the court.

One of the best features of these shoes is their breathability. These shoes are made of synthetic materials and mesh. It means they are highly breathable, and you will feel pretty comfortable moving around in them even if the weather is hot.

The Upcourt 4 shoes also provide you with plenty of traction. It means that you will move along pretty nicely and with confidence on the court while playing those shots. These shoes offer a decent amount of support with their inner and sock liner that features plenty of padding. So, these shoes are perfect for new players in the game.

Thanks to their synthetic construction, these shoes won’t take much time to break in and will fit pretty nicely on your feet.

They look pretty nice, so you can wear them for casual wear, as they are pretty comfortable for longer periods. But you will have to bear in mind that you must order one size larger as these shoes tend to run smaller.


  • Comfortable to wear all day.
  • The rubber sole offers pretty good traction and grip.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.
  • The synthetic upper and mesh keep your feet breathable.
  • A top choice for beginners and casual players.


  • They tend to run small, and you should order one size larger pair.

3.     Asics Gel-Venture 7 Men’s Shoes

The Gel-Venture 7 is a superior choice for men who would like a pair for pickleball. As they are from Asics, comfort, and breathability are not going to be an issue.

Asics has used synthetic leather to construct the upper and has hinted at the mesh in various critical areas of these shoes. Therefore, your shoes will remain durable and breathable for a long time to come. You can comfortably wear these shoes in hot weather without breaking a sweat on your feet.

They also feature rubber soles that guarantee superb traction. Therefore, if you are an agile mover on the court, you will love wearing these shoes. Hence, even an intermediate or skilled pickleball player can easily wear them and move around on the court.

These shoes have rearfoot Gel technology that guarantees plenty of cushioning. It means that these shoes can attenuate shock during any ground impact and ensure a better and smoother transition to the midstance. As a result, you can continue to play for longer sessions without fatigue.

These shoes also feature an Ortholite X40 sock liner a premium sock liner, and come with an even higher rebound.


  • The rubber sole ensures better traction and ground grip for agile movements.
  • Suitable for skilled and intermediate players.
  • Highly breathable mesh upper for maximum durability.
  • Rearfoot GEL ensures cushioning and smoother midstance transition.
  • Synthetic leather stays durable and breaks in fast.
  • Available in various sizes and color combinations


  • There are not many support features included in this pair.

4.     New Balance 806 V1 Men’s Shoes

These shoes are made of 90% leather and 10% synthetic material. It means that these shoes will be pretty durable and highly breathable. As leather is pretty much the major component of these shoes, they will be relatively pricier compared to others. But it also means that they will be much more breathable than other shoes with more synthetic material in them.

The V1 806 shoes also come with a durable rubber sole. Hence, you won’t have to worry about traction at all. If you like to move around pretty fast on the court, you will love wearing these shoes. Hence, this pair is suitable for intermediate to experienced pickleball players.

These shapes are the ultimate choice for a perfect balance between support and stability. The shoes come with modern technology, including ABZORB, C-CAP, and ROLLBAR, to guarantee maximum motion control. And the best part is that you won’t have to compromise on agility, and these shoes remain pretty lightweight.

The outsole has a herringbone pattern for better traction for your lateral moves. Moreover, thanks to the Lightning Dry technology, the shoes can comfortably wick moisture away and keep your feet relaxed and dry throughout the time you wear them. Apart from that, you can also use medic inners with these shoes.

New Balance keeps things simple with its 806 V1 men’s shoes as they are only available in white color. So, there are not many options as far as looks are concerned. But you do get multiple size options with the V1 806.


  • 90% leather construction makes them durable and breathable.
  • The rubber sole features a herringbone pattern for better traction.
  • Excellent on-court stability and support.
  • Lightning Dry material wicks moisture and keeps your feet dry.


  • No color options are available.

5.     K-Swiss Express Women’s Shoes

These are specialized pickleball shoes for women by K-Swiss. These shoes are lightweight due to high-quality synthetic materials.

Their outsole is made of rubber, so you will get plenty of traction while moving around on the court. These shoes also feature K-EVA, a special formula to maximize durability and cushioning in the midsole section. Apart from that, K-EVA also ensures a smoother transition from the rear section of your feet to your front.

Moreover, these shoes come with an Ortholite sock liner that guarantees moisture management and keeps your feet cool while minimizing perspiration. Therefore, your feet will not smell bad when you take your shoes after a long session of play.

These shoes also come with Heel Grip Lining, made of interlocking fibers. These fibers grip your socks and prevent your heels from slipping. Your shoes become one with your feet, and you can comfortably move around on the court.

Last but not least, these shoes come with a 180-degree thermal plastic plantar support. This support can enhance the overall midfoot stability of your shoes. Hence, any ground impact smoothly transmits the rear end of your feet to the toes.


  • The rubber sole ensures plenty of traction.
  • Maximum cushioning with durability with K-EVA.
  • The Ortholite sock liner manages moisture and keeps your feet dry.
  • Heel Grip Lining prevents heel slippage.
  • Plantar support increases foot stability.


  • These shoes take time to break-in.

6.     Nike Court Lite 2 Men’s Shoes

Nike Court Lite 2 men’s shoes are among the best pairs for pickleball because they are pretty durable and comfortable. Nike has used textile and leather in the construction of these shoes. Hence, they keep your feet nice and relaxed during your playing sessions.

These shoes also come with pretty durable rubber soles. Plus, it will prevent your feet from slipping on the court. You don’t have to worry about these soles wearing out because these shoes are suitable for outdoor activities too.

Thanks to the padded collar along with the tongue, you can conveniently move. You won’t have to deal with any pain around your ankles, no matter your position during the play. Hence, the shoes are comfortable no matter how long you wear them. Even the midsole is adequately cushioned, so you don’t feel the ground impact when you’re running and jumping around the court.

Furthermore, the outsole features five different patterns. These patterns cater to pickleball players’ various foot movements during their gameplay.

These are tennis shoes, so you can guess what kind of durability they bring to the table. They are one of the best shoes for longevity and comfort.


  • Durable traction due to the strong rubber sole.
  • The midsole has foam construction that cushions your steps.
  • Padding in the tongue and collar adds more comfort to your ankles.
  • Synthetic leather ensures durability and longevity.
  • Highly breathable to wear.


  • Due to the solid rubber sole, they take some time to break in.

7.     Fila Double Bounce Women’s Shoes

The Double Bounce shoes are among the funkiest shoes that you can find for pickleball. These shoes come with a herringbone-pattern rubber outsole. Hence, they provide you with excellent traction during those swift movements on the court.

The toe end of these shoes comes with a pivot area that allows you to move with agility on the court. And thanks to the upper mesh panels, your feet will remain comfortable no matter the weather. Another advantage you have is that you won’t have to deal with any odors when you take off your shoes after a long playing session.

These shoes also come with a removable molded sock liner made of EVA foam. It also prevents your feet from perspiration during intense field play. You can focus more on your game and less on your feet.

You can also remove this sock liner if you look for easier movement and less support. The toe cap of these shoes comes with abrasion-resistant construction for more durability.

These shoes are pretty comfortable to wear in any weather, and they are pretty lightweight. Their best feature is their removable sock liner. It means that you can comfortably wear them according to the weather.


  • They fit well and are pretty durable.
  • Lightweight construction makes them ideal for quick feet movement.
  • They provide plenty of traction with their herringbone outsole.
  • An abrasion-resistant toe cap adds to the overall durability.


  • They do tend to wear out if you use them out of court.

8.     Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Men’s Shoes

Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 men’s shoes are an excellent option for all indoor courts. They are pretty versatile, and apart from pickleball, you can use them for tennis and badminton.

These shoes feature a pretty solid rubber sole that will not wear out any time soon. These shoes come with a 4D support chassis that limits torsion or supination to assist in your pivot movements. You can make your power moves on the court while maintaining full stability.

It means that you will remain in complete control of your shots no matter what sport you are playing. Sensifeel 2.0 features a minimally layered upper section with mesh for better breathability. With a thinner upper, your feet will feel more comfortable while moving. Your shoes will also become much lighter, and it further helps you in your brisk movements.

With the end of it, you will get more comfort and stability while still getting an intuitive fit with the full inner sock construction. These shoes also feature DF2, provide your feet with a cushioned feel, and you won’t have to compromise on your performance on the court.

The shoes also come with a rubber medial drag pad that provides your shoes with more durability and safety when you are dragging your feet. Therefore, those slip shots become easier.

You might not find any color options in these shoes, but you can certainly pick the right size according to your needs and preferences.


  • These shoes are pretty lightweight and relaxing.
  • Designed for all types of outdoor activities.
  • Exceptional traction and ground-gripping.
  • Superior breathability with Sensifeel 2.0.


  • The midsole has less cushioning.

9.     Saucony Grid Excursion TR12 Women’s Shoes

The Grid Excursion TR12 shoes are available in different sizes and color combinations. You can pick one according to your style preferences and size requirements. These shoes feature a quality rubber sole that is solid yet flexible. You won’t have to worry about it wearing out anytime soon, and you certainly won’t have to give up on flexibility too.

As the name goes, these shoes come with Grid cushioning. This style of cushioning ensures that every section of your foot is covered and remains safe from any impact. The pressure from the impact transits from heel to toe much smoother.

These shoes are not only good-looking but are also pretty great when it comes to performance. They have a mesh upper with highly supportive overlays that lock your feet, not the place. Saucony has used a trail-tested outsole that has a triangular lug pattern that prevents your shoes from slipping no matter how you are using them.

These shoes come with a decent amount of padding in them. Therefore, they have some good support to provide to your feet. But that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on your feet’ movement and agility. These shoes remain pretty lightweight, and you will not feel much resistance when wearing them.


  • Highly durable for all outdoor activities.
  • Provide plenty of cushioning to support your feet.
  • The sole design features patterns that keep traction solid.
  • Durable shoes that are suitable for everyday use.
  • Various designs and sizes are available.


  • Some lighter options are available.

10.  Ryka Dash 3 Women’s Shoes

The upper of Dash 3 shoes are textile with a rubber sole. Therefore, these shoes are breathable and provide plenty of traction.

The upper sections feature mesh with highly supportive leather overlays. Moreover, gradient screen print colors are used on the upper to create your style statement on the court.

Thanks to the overall construction of the sole, these shoes keep the impact to a minimum and smoothly transits it from heel to toe. Hence, you can play for longer sessions and with more comfort. The midsole section of these shoes features molded EVA that keeps your feet relaxed and prevents any impacts from occurring.

The outsole has full rubber coverage and ensures better traction along with flexibility. There are rounded edges on the sole to ensure a much smoother ride. Due to the anatomical construction of the insole, these shoes offer additional heel and arch support. According to their unique foot build, muscle movement, and shape, they are best for women.

These shoes are excellent for casual wear, and you can use them on the court. You can even use them for a wide range of outdoor activities.


  • Pretty comfortable for all-day wearing.
  • The solid sole keeps traction at its best.
  • Lightweight design makes wearing much more relaxed.
  • Available in a range of different colors.
  • Molded EVA midsole handles impact pretty well.


  • They do tend to wear out pretty fast.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Pickleball Shoes?

There are various factors that you need to keep when looking for the best pair of pickleball shoes. In this guide, we will briefly discuss each of these factors for your guidance.


To begin with, you will have to consider whether you are playing indoor pickleball more or outdoor pickleball more. Indoor courts have smoother surfaces. These surfaces are pretty much similar to volleyball courts. You will need much better surface grip and traction while playing indoors.

Therefore, the better option is a pair that features gum rubber soles in such a scenario. These soles are much better at gripping on smoother surfaces. But keep in mind that these shoes are not made for outdoor courts because rough surfaces will wear them out pretty fast.

You should choose synthetic rubber soles for rough surfaces in the outdoor pickleball courts because they are studier and can handle rough surfaces. In other words, you can look for volleyball shoes for indoor courts because they are for smoother surfaces. Whereas tennis shoes are a better option for outdoor pickleball courts.


Another critical option for you to consider is the right size of pair. Most people involved in some kinds of sports activity have to deal with some foot issues. And more than half of them tend to wear the wrong size. So, size is important, and you need to try a pair of shoes before buying them.

Make sure that you consider how much cushioning you need in your shoes. Of course, with more cushioning, you will have to go for a blogger size to fit your feet in. make sure that you choose the right size, and the shoes should fit perfectly right on your feet.

Your feet tend to spread during the daytime. You need to measure them at the end of the day when they are the largest. Make sure to wear the same type of socks as your pickleball shoes for other sports activities. You can measure your foot when you are standing. But if you are alone and there is nobody to help you, you take these measurements while sitting.

To determine your foot’s width, you have to measure the distance between the widest points on a tracing paper. Now, reduce this number by half an inch, and the resulting number is the width of your foot.

For the length measurement, get the distance between the two most distant points on your trace paper and subtract half an inch from it. The resulting number will be the length of your foot. Now go to the brand’s website you are considering buying and see the size chart to pick the right choice.

Design and construction

There are various aspects associated with the overall design of shoes for pickleball.

●      Midsole

Sockliner or midsole lines lay the base of your shoes, and they provide the cushioning that the lower section of your foot needs. Misol has a major impact on your feet in terms of comfort. Consider going for polyurethane or EVA foam because they are flexible and lightweight.

●      Upper

Upper is the part that wraps over your feet. For reference, sandals don’t have an upper. These uppers are durable materials and can be either leather or synthetic. Modern shoes come with mesh in their upper to keep the shoes more breathable while not adding much to the overall weight of the shoes. You can also find hybrid uppers that have a synthetic and mesh blend.

●      Vamp

The toe box area will bend if you stand on the toes. It allows you to flex your toes comfortably. This section of the shoes is usually made of flexible materials and has mesh for increased ventilation.

●      Outsole

This is the bottom of the shoe, and if it is knobby, it will provide more texture and the ability to grip surfaces and prevent slippage. This area sees the most wear and tear, and the durability of this outsole will determine how durable your shoes are.

●      Collar and heel counter

This section is usually made of composite or polymer and is fitted within the heel cup. It provides support around your heel. The collar is the top section of the heel area that is in touch with your anode. Ensure that the collar section has some plush fabric to make the pair more comfortable to wear.

●      Toecap

Toecap is positioned just above the toe area. It has reinforcement to protect the toes against any food drag or impact. Some shoes also have a toe guard, which is an additional layer to rubber that is added to the font for additional protection and safety,


Most pairs will last around 6 to 8 months if you play regularly. It is assumed that you are playing at least three times a week and for up to 2 to 3 hours. But the durability of your shoes will depend upon the quality of the pair you are using and the surface you are playing on. Rough surfaces tend to wear out shoes pretty quickly. Therefore, indoor shoes tend to last longer compared to outdoor shoes.

You will need a new pair of shoes if the current outer sole of the shoes is worn out through to the white midsole. The heel counter of your shoes might also become mobile and much less supportive. You might notice that the midsole of your shoes is cracking up. This is the time when you need to buy a new pair.


This one is tricky, and there is no exact answer here. It will depend upon your budget and your value perception. For some people, comfort is more important than anything, while others consider support above all.

You should also look for a durable pair that can handle a lot of wear and tear over time. The important thing is that you should look for features more related to performance than looks. Looks are not going to help much on the court.

But you can certainly wear them all day long. However, if you are serious about the game, you must go for the durability, comfort, and support features of various pairs before you put your money.

Are There Any Specialized Pickleballs Shoes Available?

If you want to be more comfortable when playing pickleball, you need to have a good quality pair of shoes on your feet.

You will need a pair of shoes that grips well when playing on indoor gym floors or hardwood floors. This is because these surfaces are pretty slippery and smooth.

You should look for a pair that comes with natural gum rubber and provides excellent tractions. These shoes are much better than most synthetic materials.

But there are not many options available on the market if you are looking for pickleball shoes. Mostly, the best pair comes from other sports suitable on similar surfaces.

Hence, you should look for a pair of suitable shoes for volleyball. Indoor pickleball is often played on the same courts used for volleyball. Moreover, both these sports are similar in body and feet movements.

Volleyball shoes provide plenty of support that your feet need for lateral movements. They also feature the right type of soles that will prevent your feet from slipping or sliding on those indoor courts. You must reach as many shots as possible. Better traction ensures that your shoes grip the floor better and prevent injury.

Apart from that, you can also look for shoes made for tennis or badminton. This is because these sports are even more similar to pickleball. So, body and feet movement is almost the same.

Importance of Quality Pickleball Shoes

Most people think that having a quality pickleball paddle can significantly make a difference in your gameplay and performance. But that is only true up to a certain extent. But you need to have a quality pair of pickleball shoes to prevent injury and perform well on the court.

Going for a high-end paddle will not cut it if you end up on the sidelines with a stress fracture or a sprain. Preventing yourself from any injury will be the top thing in your mind, and it can influence your performance and gameplay.

Your feet are your foundation as they bear the entire body weight. Therefore, your feet have to be well balanced and should keep the entire weight of your body stable during the play. You must keep your body weight well balanced to play your shots properly.

Your feet will see a lot of action; jumps, heel strikes, and of course, there are lateral stops and starts. There will be plenty of pressure on your feet, so you will need a properly fitting pair of shoes to keep the damage to a minimum.

If you don’t go for the right pair of shoes, your feet movement will be limited, and your body will have to overcompensate while modifying the natural biometrics.

You also can’t wear a poor-quality pair of shoes that don’t fit properly. It can lead to discomfort and pain in your knees, ankles, hips, and your lower back. And it can further deteriorate your performance, fitness, and gameplay.

Tennis Shoes Can Work Well as Pickleball Shoes

Many pickleball courts are converted tennis courts. Therefore, you can be pretty comfortable on these surfaces if you use a pair of tennis shoes. Tennis is a game that is pretty close to pickleball.

Fast lateral movements and changes in pickleball direction are pretty similar to tennis or any other racket sport. Therefore, the ideal pair for pickleball is the shoes meant for these sports. But first, lateral movements also mean that these shoes have to be lightweight.

A lightweight pair will ensure extremely comfortable while making those fast movements. With too much weight on your feet, you will not feel relaxed. More weight is added to a pair in most cases because it features more support and cushioning.

If you are looking for more support and cushioning, perhaps such a pair will work. But for those agile movements, you will need a lighter pair. Most volleyball shoes weigh less than 9 pounds, and they are suitable for this purpose.

Make sure to go for a pair of tennis shoes made for hard courts. Outdoor courts for pickleball are pretty rough, so you will need a durable pair to handle the friction from rough surfaces. Therefore, look for the reinforced upper, sturdy outsole, and durable construction for outdoor pickleball courts.

You should look for gum rubber soles for indoor courts because they are better for tractions on smoother surfaces. For outdoor courts, synthetic rubber soles are suitable because they are durable on rough surfaces. Moreover, hard courts are more punishing on your feet


How can I clean my pickleball shoes?

Cleaning your pickleball shoes might not seem to be a pretty daunting task, but you shouldn’t wash your shoes in the washing machine. The best approach is to go with a soft-bristled brush or even a toothbrush. Then, you can remove any excess dirt from your shoes.

You can use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean synthetic material. Later on, dry out your shoes with a dry piece of cloth and let them completely dry at room temperature. If you have a leather pair, you will have to go for leather conditioning cream, but it is not mandatory.

How can I extend the life of my pickleball shoes?

Make sure to be careful when you wear and take off your shoes. Don’t pull off your shoes without unlacing them, and don’t shove your foot into your shoes while wearing them. Also, don’t use the washing machine to clean your shoes and always allow your shoes to air dry. Plus, make sure that you properly store your shoes and don’t leave them out in the open for too long.

How often do I need to replace my pickleball shoes?

It is important to replace your shoes frequently. It will keep you safe from any pain or injury. For example, running shoes should be replaced every six months. If you relate that to pickleball, playing for at least a couple of hours 3 times a week will be more or less equal to running around 400 miles or going up to 6 months. Therefore, you need to change your shoes around 6 to 8 months if you play regularly around this much time.

Do I need an alternate pair of shoes for pickleball?

Owning a couple of pickleball pairs will only extend your current pair’s life as you will interchangeably use two different pairs. But it depends upon how much you play in a week. If you play more than 3 times a week and more than a couple of hours in a day, it is better to go for an alternate pair as it will allow you to break in your shoes.


There you have it. The market doesn’t have any specialized pair of pickleball shoes. Therefore, you have to go for pairs designed for similar sports like volleyball and tennis. Tennis shoes are better for tougher outdoor courts, while volleyball shoes are better for indoor pickleball courts.

Therefore, we have listed some top choices that you can go for when looking for the best pickleball shoes on the market. These shoes are pretty comfortable to wear and offer a perfect balance between comfort and support.

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