Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews 2022

Going for the best pickleball paddle according to your style of play can be a bit tricky. The game is still relatively new, and few options are available on the market. Still, its popularity is rising with more brands releasing pickleball equipment and tech. 

Pickleball paddles have already come a long way, and you can find a somewhat wide range of them on the market. However, if you are new to the game and want to sharpen your skills in pickleball, you need to have the right paddle in your hands. 

And for that, we have developed this guide to assist you in finding the best pickleball paddle suitable to your gameplay and budget.

So, let’s begin the discussion, shall we!

Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles 2022

1. Selkirk SLK Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk is one of the top brands on the market for pickleball. They are highly regarded as one of the top paddle producers for this game. Hence, if you are looking for premium quality pickleball paddles, you need to go for them. 

These premium quality pickleball paddles are available in different colors and patterns. This pickleball paddle also comes in three different variants. You can go for a paddle with an elongated shape or go for a paddle that comes with a large sweet spot. There is another variant available that is suitable for all types of gameplay. 

This pickleball paddle is entirely made in the US, so you won’t have to compromise on quality. The paddle face has a polypropylene core, and it is covered with a fiberglass top hitting surface. Therefore, the paddle is lightweight and sturdy, with a high response rate. 

Thanks to the larger sweet spot, the advanced paddle is one of the best pickleball paddles because you can play your shots comfortably and accurately. So if you want to increase your performance and ball control, you should play with these quality paddles. 

This pickleball paddle is tested for hire quality and performance in various labs. That is why this pickleball paddle is the preferred choice of many professional pickleball players. And the best part is that you also get to choose from your preferred straits according to your gameplay and shot selection. 


  • The paddles go through rigorous testing procedures for quality assurance. 
  • Three different variant models are available. 
  • These paddles come with durable constructions using lightweight materials. 
  • They have a comfortable grip that doesn’t slip in your hand. 
  • Different colors are available. 


  • These paddles are relatively expensive.

2. Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

The US Pickleball Association approves the Niupipo pickleball paddles, and their faces are made of carbon fiber. It means this pickleball paddle is one of the lightest available on the market. In addition, these pickleball paddles have different paddle features that combine and make the Niupipo pickleball paddles the best on the market. 

It is the best pickleball paddle on the market because it is a pretty high-quality pickleball paddle. Their faces are made of carbon fiber materials which are lightweight and sturdy. 

Therefore, you can conveniently play those shots without lifting too much paddle weight in your hands and be in better control without getting tired. 

The pickleball paddle is tournament standard equipment, and you can use it in various tournaments across the country. It shows the quality that goes into the construction of this pickleball paddle. 

With the honeycomb core made of polypropylene and the surface made of graphite carbon fiber, this pickleball paddle is pretty extraordinary. The paddles remain light because the honeycomb core and the carbon fiber surface can conveniently take repeated hits.  

The face of this pickleball paddle is large, and you can use more surface area not to miss out on your shots. You also get a bigger sweet spot with a bigger surface. The grip of this versatile paddle is perforated and cushioned. 

You won’t feel any stiffness in your hands while holding these graphite paddles, and you also won’t have to deal with any sweat because the grip can absorb it. You can also buy the entire kit, including a couple of paddles with their covers and pickleball ball. It all comes in a sturdy carrying bag. 


  • Quality honeycomb PP core that keeps the paddles lightweight. 
  • Sturdy carbon fiber surface to take repeated hits. 
  • Cushioned and perforated, sweat-absorbing grips.
  • These graphite paddles come with covers and a carrying bag.  
  • The large surface area with the larger sweet spot. 


  • The handle grip might be a bit short if you use a long handle to play your shots. 

3. JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle

The JP WinLook pickleball paddles have a graphite face. They are pretty lightweight, meaning that you will be in total control while playing your shots. These pickleball paddles are pretty good for both newbies and experienced players. Moreover, you can use them both indoors and outdoors. 

It’s among the best pickleball paddles; therefore, these pickleball paddles are USAPA approved, and you will get a carrying bag with three pickleball balls. Hence, you can start playing right away with your family and friends. The company has used cutting-edge paddle technology to develop this pickleball paddle to ensure superior quality in the entire construction process. 

Thanks to the honeycomb core, this pickleball paddle is lightweight and weighs just under 8 ounces. The surface of this pickleball paddle is made of graphite carbon fiber which is a pretty lightweight and stride material. It means that this pickleball paddle can still last for a long time, even after taking repeated hits during the gameplay. 

The surface area of the best pickleball paddle by JP WinLook is large, resulting in a larger sweet spot. Therefore, you will be able to make your shots with a better response rate without using too much effort and giving up control in the process within this graphite face paddle. 

Another advantage of using this pickleball paddle is that they come with non-slippery handles. These comfortable and cushioned grips come with elite wraps for accuracy and maneuverability. 

You can conveniently place your balls and paddles within a carrying duffel. So, transportation and storage are not a problem. This carrying bag will keep your versatile paddle safe when not using them. 


  • A durable honeycomb core keeps the paddle weight light. 
  • Carbon fiber surface is durable and designed to take repeated hits. 
  • The grips of these graphite paddles are cushy and sweat absorbent. 
  • A larger surface area features a larger sweet spot for effortless and controlled precision.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for convenient transportation.  


  • These graphite paddles might be too light for some new pickleball players. 

4. Onix Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Graphite pickleball paddles are available in different colors if looks are a major concern for you. This pickleball paddle is for those who don’t want to compromise on their style statement on the court.

This pickleball paddle ensures superior control as they are extremely light and have a large surface area to make sure you can play your shots with better control and less effort. The core of this pickleball paddle has a honeycomb construction which keeps the paddle lightweight. 

The surface of this pickleball paddle has graphite carbon fiber construction. It means that the paddle can take a serious toll when you use this light paddle to play your shots during your games. It is not going to wear out that easily. 

You will also notice that this pickleball paddle has a wider shape than the other brands’ paddles. It means you will have a larger surface area to make those shots and a bigger sweet spot to get more power during your shots. The wider surface area of these graphite paddles also allows you to control your shots more. 

This pickleball paddle comes with a slightly longer grip size. So, anyone who likes to use a long handle graphite face while playing those shots will feel much more comfortable using this light paddle. 

If you prefer to take wild swings during your shots, you will find these graphite paddles pretty handy. But for that, you will have to be in touch with the game. Therefore, it is the right pickleball paddle for players regularly in touch with the game. 


  • Paddle weight design is on the lighter side with comfortable grips. 
  • Honeycomb core keeps the paddle lightweight.
  • Carbon fiber surface ensures the paddle remains highly responsive. 
  • These graphite paddles have Relatively longer grips for more swing power. 
  • Available in different colors to suit your taste. 


  • Not the ideal choice for beginners or random games.

5. Ticci Pickleball Paddle

These budget-friendly pickleball paddles are pretty good in their build and quality. The spaddles are USAPA approved, and you will get a pair in your purchase along with a carrying duffel.  

The best pickleball paddle by Ticci comes with the surface of this pickleball paddle made of quality graphite materials. Your shots are highly responsive, and the graphite face paddle can take a lot more hits with this material. The core of the paddle face has honeycomb construction. It means the paddles remain lightweight yet sturdy. 

Therefore, you don’t have to make much effort to play those quick shots. As the paddles are lightweight, you will be more in control. You can conveniently play those shots regardless of your skill level. This graphite face paddle allows you to be more accurate during your gameplay. 

This pickleball paddle is available in different colors. The surface is made of fiberglass, which reduces the overall weight and increases the responsiveness of this pickleball paddle. The weight of this pickleball paddle is just under 8 ounces and is ideal for both tournament and buddy play. 

Apart from that, it’s among the best pickleball paddles; therefore, this pickleball paddle also comes with an ergonomic grip. It means that these apples are comfortable to hold for long playing sessions. These grips are sweat-absorbent, so you won’t have to worry about your paddle slipping away from your hands when you make those hard, powerful shots. 

What’s more here is that this pickleball paddle comes with a pretty decent surface area that allows you to play most of your shots without missing anything. A bigger surface also means you will have a bigger sweet spot. Therefore, your shots will also be accurate, and you won’t have to put in more effort. 


  • Perforated and cushioned grips for a comfortable hold.
  • A larger surface area provides a larger sweet spot for more power and accuracy. 
  • Polymer honeycomb core to keep the paddle lightweight. 
  • Fiberglass surface for high response rate and sturdiness. 
  • It comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation. 


  • They are not suitable for intermediate or advanced players.

6. Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle

If you are looking for wooden pickleball paddles, this is the best option. Amazin’ Aces is long known for making quality products, and this pickleball paddle is one of them. Your purchase will include a total of four paddles made of quality wood. It will also have four pickle balls and a mesh carrying bag.

These wooden pickleball paddles are all about performance and quality. It’s among the best pickleball paddles; therefore, it has an ergonomic and durable design. The wood used in constructing this pickleball paddle is 7-plywood that comes from maple trees. You will get plenty of durability and power from this pickleball paddle throughout your life.  

This pickleball paddle is all about simplicity, and they focus on delivering high performance. Your purchase will also include a gift box so you can give it away to your loved ones to encourage some activity. 

Of course, they are not fiberglass paddles, so they are slightly heavy compared to the fiberglass variants that we have reviewed above. With weight, this pickleball paddle allows users to play their shots with much more control. 

It also means that this pickleball paddle is better suited to beginners and newbies who don’t have much control over their shots. Your hand movements will remain steady with this medium-weight paddle, and you will be much more comfortable making those shots with better precision. 

This pickleball paddle comes with grips that keep the stress off your hands. The cushioned grip of this beginner paddle is effortless to hold, no matter what weather it is. If you are new to the game of pickleball, you will need these wooden paddles to start.


  • A top choice for beginners. 
  • Wooden construction keeps the paddles durable and lightweight. 
  • Sturdy grips keep your hands comfortable while holding the paddles. 
  • Your purchase includes four paddles, four balls, and a carrying bag. 
  • Slightly heavy for better-controlled shots during gameplay. 


  • Not for intermediate or advanced players. 

7. Gonex GRM Pickleball Paddle

The GRM pickleball paddles are USAPA approved paddles that come in a set of two and include four pickle balls. Your purchase will also have a carrying bag that you can use to carry your paddles. 

The kit is ready, and you can start playing the game right away without any delays. The core of this pickleball paddle is made of a polymer honeycomb. It’s among the best pickleball paddles; therefore, this pickleball paddle remains light to hold. 

So, you can play these shots with complete control. The outer surface of these paddles is made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is also light, and it doesn’t add too much to the overall weight. Apart from that, it also makes your paddles more responsive. 

These USAPA approved pickleball paddles provide you with a perfect combination of control and power. These paddles are all about durability and performance. The grip of this paddle features contoured cushioning that improves the overall composition of the handles, and you can conveniently play your game with ease.  

This pickleball paddle is pretty lightweight as they weigh less than 8 ounces. The paddle surface comes with a proprietary slim edge guard to prevent the hitting surface from damaging due to any impacts. It also has a comfortable grip that is easy to hold and absorbs sweat. 

They are pretty lightweight and hence are a good option for intermediate and advanced players who have more control over their shots surfing the gameplay. 


  • Your purchase includes 2 paddles, four balls, and a carrying duffel. 
  • Quality polymer core keeps the paddle lightweight. 
  • A sturdy carbon fiber hitting surface makes the paddles highly responsive.
  • The hitting surface comes with an edge guard for more durability. 
  • A comfortable handle makes gripping easy. 


  • The paddle handle is slightly on the shorter side. 

8. Vinsguir Pickleball Paddle

These pickleball paddles have graphite materials in their construction. So,  they are pretty lightweight, and you can comfortably play your game and make those power shots. They have unique art on the paddle face, making them quite a style statement on the court. But these paddles are not just about style. 

It is one of the best pickleball paddles because your purchase will include a couple of paddles with four pickle balls and a carrying bag. You are all set for going to the court and start enjoying your game with your loved ones. The paddles have a polymer core and fiberglass on the hitting surface. 

Hence, they do not weigh a lot, and you will be more in control of your shots. But you need to be a regular pickleball player to be good at your game with these paddles. In other words, this pickleball paddle is not suitable for beginners. But of course, you can always perform well if you continue to play regularly. You will develop accuracy over time with this graphite face paddle. 

The grip of this pickleball paddle is pretty comfortable, and you can conveniently play those shots even during long sessions. You also won’t have to deal with a slipping handle in your handle and won’t have to adjust multiple times to hold on to your paddles. 

This pickleball paddle also comes with a larger hitting surface so that the sweet spot will be large. You will be able to accurately play your shots and be in control simultaneously. These paddles are suitable for all types of players who love to play defensive or aggressive pickleball. 


  • The paddles are made of durable and sturdy materials. 
  • These paddles are highly responsive. 
  • Excellent for all gameplays 
  • They come with a unique design on the paddle face. 
  • Their grip is anti-slip and sweat absorbent. 


  • Doesn’t feature a durable edge guard. 

9. XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddle

XS XSPAK pickleball paddles are lightweight and are suitable for both men and women. Your purchase of these paddles includes a couple of paddles along with four pickleball and a carrying bag. You can take your kit straight to the court and start enjoying the game. 

It is one of the best pickleball paddles because the outer hitting surface of this pickleball paddle is made of carbon fiber, and it will continue to take hits one game after. They have a honeycomb polymer core. So, the core doesn’t add much to the weight and keeps the paddle sturdy. 

These pickleball paddles are all about optimal performance and durability. Apart from that, these paddles also come with cushioned grips that enable you to hold them easily. After a long game session, you won’t have to deal with any slippage, and your hands will not feel fatigued. 

And that’s not all! 

This pickleball paddle also comes with superior quality edge guards. Thanks to this low-profile edge guard, your paddles are safe from any wearing and treating due to impact. This guard is slim enough to reduce any mis-hits.

The balls that are included in the package come with precisely drilled holes. These holes provide them with the necessary flight needed during the gameplay. You will also receive a carrying bag to keep your paddles safe during transportation. With your pickleball kit, you are all ready to start playing on the court with your family and friends whenever you need. 


  • Durable polymer and carbon fiber construction. 
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Excellent for beginners and advanced players. 
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy transportation. 
  • Comes with an edge guard and for superior durability. 


  • Its handle is short.

10. Head Radical Pickleball Paddle

Head is another popular pickleball brand that is well known for its paddles. The paddle face is pretty durable and is built to take impact. The outer hitting surface is fiberglass, which can manage effective ball control. This material makes the paddle face more responsive, and it can handle any impacts too well. 

The core of this pickleball paddle is made of a polymer honeycomb. Such a design doesn’t contribute much to making these paddles heavy. The lightweight design of these riddles allows you to play your hots with maximum control and accuracy.

This pickleball paddle also comes with ergonomic grips that feel pretty comfortable in hand. It not only reduces the impact but also keeps vibrations to a minimum. It means you will always control your shots and won’t have to compromise on your precision. 

This best pickleball paddle from Head is suitable for intermediate players. They come with a decent combination of durability and performance. 

You will be able to play your shots with more confidence when you have this polymer paddle in your hand because it is lightweight, and they do not hinder your swing due to their weight. It means you will be in full control of your shots at all times. 

This pickleball paddle also has a wide surface which means that the sweet spot will be big. As a result, you will be able to get the most out of each shot even if you don’t get the ball smack in the middle of the paddle. 


  • Quality constructions and durable design. 
  • Honeycomb polymer core to keep the paddle lightweight. 
  • The durable outer layer of fiberglass keeps the pedal more responsive yet stable. 
  • A comfortable grip that doesn’t slip in your hand. 
  • Wider hard surface with a wide sweet spot to make accurate shots. 


  • You won’t get any cover or carrying bags with this paddle. 

Pickleball Paddles Buying Guide 2022

Pickleball is becoming popular day by day. More and more pickleball paddle manufacturers are entering the market with their pickleball gear and equipment. However, going for the best option can become irksome if you don’t know what to look for. 

Most people think that going for the best cheap pickleball paddle is the way to go. But if you play regularly, going for the best cheap pickleball paddle won’t turn out to be a good decision. 

Therefore, when looking for the best pickleball paddles, there are a few crucial features that you must keep in mind before you pull the trigger on a particular option. 

Here are the features you should consider before buying most paddles.

Power versus control

When playing your shots in pickleball, you need to have power and control. It is similar to when playing shots in tennis, badminton, or table tennis. But there should be an adequate amount of balance between control and power. 

With too much power, you would have to give up on control, and when you focus on control, you might have to compromise on power. The only thing you could do here is to choose the right type of paddle with the right weight so you can play those power shots with control.

A lightweight paddle is always better for experienced players because they can play their shots with control. Heavy paddles are suitable for beginners who want more power in their swings. Intermediate to advanced players can use a fiberglass paddle or a graphite paddle (composite pickleball paddles) for lighter options. 

These Paddles are extremely light and are suitable for experienced players. These paddles allow them to play their shots with power while maintaining good control. 

A wooden paddle is better for beginners, but it does tend to be a relatively cheap pickleball paddle. They are slightly heavier and are better for controlling the swings. 

If you are new to the game, you should focus on control. Then, as you become an advanced player, go for a lighter paddle, in which case composite pickleball paddles are better. 

Find your grip size

You also need to consider the grip size that you prefer. For instance, some people like to play their shots using longer handles. On the other hand, experienced players prefer to play with long handles with a thicker grip size because they want more power. With long handles, they also get a bit more coverage in their shots.

Newcomers prefer to play with short handles with a thinner grip size because they want to control their shots more. They might have to compromise on coverage and power, but they control their shots more. 

You also need to go for the right grip size and its widths. The size of your hand matters, as does your preferences. For instance, if you prefer to hold your paddle firmly, you should get a slimmer grip size, and if you like to hold your handle loosely, then a thick handle may work for you.

Types of pickleball paddles 

  • Widebody paddles

Paddles that come with a wider paddle face or head provide you with a better chance to hit the ball. The area that hits the ball is bigger, and there are better chances to make those shots. 

Therefore, these paddles are suitable for beginners. But bigger paddles also have more resistance to offer during your ball control. So you will lose a significant amount of power in your shots. 

Pickleball paddles that come with a narrower paddle face don’t offer much resistance, so you won’t lose power in your shots. But you will have to hit the ball with much more accuracy. 

Thinner paddles slap have a smaller sweet spot because you generate most of the power from your arms. Conversely, wider pickleball paddles generate more power from the bigger sweet spot on the paddle.

  • Elongated pickleball paddles

These pickleball paddles have elongated heads. It means they will also come with smaller sweet spots. These paddles are suitable for players who have more experience in playing pickleball. 

With more experience, control and precision become your second nature. You need a lighter paddle to generate more swing power. These lighter paddles are smaller in size, and they also have less wind resistance to offer when you are playing your shots. 

Pickleball paddle material and construction

You will find two materials used commonly in constructing these pickleball paddles. There are wooden pickleball paddles and composite paddles. 

  • Wood paddles

Wooden paddles are one-piece rackets, and they are slightly heavier than composite paddles. These are pretty solid paddles but don’t come with much flexibility. These paddles are better suited for beginners as they are light on your pocket. However, a wooden paddle is a relatively cheap pickleball paddle durable enough.

  • Composite paddle

A composite paddle is more advanced than wooden paddles as they have layers of different materials inside them. Moreover, a composite paddle comprises two distinct layers; the outer surface and the core. 

  • Outer surface 
  • High-end pickleball paddles come with an outer surface made of graphite carbon fiberglass. This outer surface is much more responsive and lighter, and more resilient. 
  • Low-end pickleball paddles come with an outer surface made of any other plastic. It might be lighter on your wallet, but it is low in quality and far less durable too. 
  • Core
  • The more high-end paddles come with polymer core as it is highly responsive. 
  • Aluminum core paddles are responsive, but they are way heavier than any other paddles. 
  • Paddles with a honeycomb core are made of polymer, but they are much lighter. However, these paddles also come with bigger price tags on them. 
  • Edge guard feature

Another important feature of these paddles is their edge guard. It protects these paddles on their edge to keep them safe from any impacts during the ball control. This feature is available in more high-end paddles, making your paddle even more durable.


Weight is a major contributing factor when looking for the best paddles for pickleball. Beginners should go for a slightly heavier paddle because it gives them more control in their shots. 

As you become a more experienced player, you should shift towards buying the lightest paddle to get more power in your shots as you have already developed control and precisions. Composite pickleball paddles are much lighter, no matter what. 


This might not be that much of a big deal, but if you are playing in a court located right in your home or in a busy neighborhood, you should consider paddles that don’t make much noise. Wood and aluminum paddles don’t make much noise even if they are noisy, but they are not noisier than composite pickleball paddles. 

Difference Between A Fiberglass & A Graphite Paddle

As described above, pickleball paddles have their outer surface, either fiberglass or graphite carbon. A fiberglass pickleball paddle is not very expensive. But these composite pickleball paddles are also not highly responsive compared to their graphite counterparts. 

However, a graphite paddle is a highly responsive and high-end paddle that doesn’t make much noise. It is much more durable too. Both the outer surfaces of these composite pickleball paddles are durable and high-performing. 

But a graphite paddle outperforms fiberglass in arms of durability. A graphite paddle is suitable for experienced players, and it is ideal for professionals, while fiberglass paddles are ideal for intermediate players. 

Difference Between a Tennis Racket and a Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball paddles are designed to make shots with small plastic balls that have holes drilled in them. These balls are pretty lightweight, and they don’t impact the racket itself. On the other hand, the ball that the game of tennis uses is a softball made of rubber, so the impact will be high. 

Tennis rackets have tight strings within wooden frames, and the tension of these strings creates the force at which the ball travels. Pickleball paddles don’t have any strings and have a flat-bat surface. These paddles are much smaller than tennis rackets and are much lighter. 

Elongated Paddle vs. Widebody Paddle

There are two pickleball paddle designs; a widebody paddle and an elongated paddle. Widebody paddles have a wider surface, and they also come with a wider sweet spot on them. 

These paddles are suitable for beginners as they don’t have much control and precision in their shots. But they will have to compromise on power in their shots because these paddles offer some resistance.

On the other hand, elongated paddles are suitable for experienced power players who control their shots and need more power without losing precision. These paddles don’t have a wide sweet spot, but the player’s experience allows them to play their shots with high accuracy. 

Which Pickleball Paddle Should I Get?

You should buy a pickleball paddle according to your experience and skill level in the game. Go for lighter options if you have enough budget and have better control of your shots. A slightly heavier paddle will be ideal if you are new to the game. 

If you are old or have any medical issues, make sure you go for a lighter paddle. In the case of any conditions like tennis elbow, you should consider buying a paddle that comes with kinetic paddle features to absorb the impact during your ball control. 

The Best Way to Judge Paddles

You should look for a paddle that feels good in your hand in most cases. The grip that a paddle comes with has a significant role in the overall feel of a paddle. Also, look for lightweight materials. 

Fiberglass and graphite are the ideal options, but graphite is expensive, so fiberglass is always a better choice. It is lightweight, and you will be in better control of your shots. Go for the wider safes if you are a beginner; otherwise, an elongated paddle would be better. 


What is the best pickleball paddle for an intermediate player?

An intermediate player should look for a pickleball paddle made of fiberglass and has a honeycomb core. The paddle face should be too wide or too elongated. Such paddles are the best pickleball options for intermediate players due to their lightweight design. You will be able to control your shots effectively. 

Is it better to have a lighter or heavier pickleball paddle?

Lighter pickleball paddles are suitable intermediate and advanced layers. On the other hand, heavier pickleball players are better suited for beginners. This is because beginners need more assistance when it comes to controlling their shots. 

With a heavier pickleball paddle, you can play shots with more precision. But they do so at the cost of power, and they can’t play those power shots. 

On the other hand, experienced players need more power in their shots because they already have more control over their experience. Therefore, they go for lighter paddles to generate more power in their shots with precision. Consequently, you should pick the right paddle according to your experience and skill level in the game. 

Are elongated pickleball paddles better?

Elongated pickleball paddles are only better for experienced players. They don’t need much power behind their strokes because they can generate their power; they need a lighter paddle. Elongated paddles have smaller surfaces, and they don’t have to face much resistance. 

With these riddles that can play those power shots with more controls, elongated paddles are better suited for experienced players. On the other hand, widebody paddles are suitable for newbies because they need more control and more area to play their shots. 

Can you use tennis rackets for playing pickleball? 

No, you can’t use tennis rackets for playing pickleball. Tennis rackets have different constructions compared to pickleball paddles. There are no strings in paddles compressed by the ball upon impact. Instead, these paddles have a flat surface that hits the paddle balls. So, these two rackets cannot be used interchangeably. 

What type of paddle is suitable for pickleball elbow?

The ideal pickleball paddle suitable for tennis elbow needs to come with a design that can absorb the ball’s impact with the paddle during the ball control. 

However, suppose you have a tennis elbow or pickleball elbow. In that case, it is better to avoid playing and do a complete rest, allowing your injury to heal completely. 

To avoid this injury altogether, don’t go for heavy paddles because it puts much more strain on your arm muscles during the gameplay.

How is a graphite pickleball paddle better? 

A graphite pickleball paddle is both light and durable. This graphite pickleball paddle provides you with high responsiveness during your ball control, and you don’t have to put in too much effort to make those shots. You are gaining more power without sacrificing control. But graphite pickleball paddle is pretty expensive and is suitable for professionals or serious pickleball players. 

Do wooden pickleball paddles work?

Wooden pickleball paddles are pretty durable, but they are also relatively heavy compared to fiberglass or graphite paddles. However, these are single-piece paddles and are pretty durable. 

But due to higher paddle weight, they can also cause tennis elbow. If you are a newbie and want to try out this sport, wooden paddles are a good option. 

How much does pickleball paddle last?

If you properly maintain your paddle and are an average user, your paddle may last anywhere from one to five years. If you are a daily player or a heavy hitter, your paddle might not last more than a couple of years. But if you don’t play regularly, your paddle can last up to five years. 

Can you modify your pickleball paddles or paint them with creative designs? 

Yes, you can paint your paddle with different pictures or even different writings. Just make sure that the image doesn’t cause any distractions or light reflection. You can use any design or color to make your paddle look unique and stylish on the court. 

You can only go for any wraps or a grip size as far as any modification goes. However, you cannot overly modify your paddle. You cannot go for thick decals or pen marketing that can alter the roughness of these paddles. You can legally only use an edge guard tape or a lead tape and can’t even add weight to your paddle. 


The winner of this best pickleball paddle roundup is the Selkirk SLK Pickleball Paddle. It is a great and lightweight paddle suitable for all player types. This paddle is an excellent choice because it is suitable for every skill level, and the extra cost is worth it for anyone wanting to take their game to the next level! 

There are different pickleball paddles and theta suitable for different players. Heavier paddles provide more drive, and lighter paddles are better controlled. Therefore, it is better to choose a saddle according to your experience level in the game. Some of the top brands include, Selkirk, Gamma, Engage, and many others.

Pickleball is a game that is fun for all ages. You can play it with your friends and family, and everyone will have a great time. Also, consider the budget and pick the right options according to what you are willing to spend. The market has different options on offer. You need to research your skills and budget to make the right choice. 

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