Best Pickleball Gifts: Pickleball Gifts for Players in 2022

Pickleball has come a long way. Invented in 1965 by three middle-aged fathers looking to find ways to kill time, the game currently boasts over 4.8 million players in the US alone. This makes the once-obscure game one of America’s fastest-growing sports.

Pickleball’s growing popularity means there’s an excellent chance someone you know is spending their pastime with the paddle and a perforated plastic ball. If that person is close to you, the best gift you could offer them is a weekend getaway to a dedicated pickleball site.

However, if you aren’t in the mood to go that far, all is still not lost. In this article, we will provide you with some great pickleball gifts. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas present or the next birthday gift for the pickleball player in your life, this guide has everything you need. You can also find our top pick for Pickleball Accessories here.

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Pickleball Gift Ideas for Him

Whether he lives and breathes the sport or only goes to the court once a week, seeing these gifts will bring a smile to his face.

1)   Pickleball Backpack

This 5-pocket backpack is built for the court. Reversible shoulder straps mean that both left- and right-handed pickleball players could easily sling it over their shoulders. An anti-theft outer pocket ensures no one can steal your valuables while you’re busy smashing shots on the court.

An external water bottle holder has a cord lock to let you secure its contents. Mesh construction means you can carry the bag for hours without a drop of sweat on your back. And its shoulder and hand-carry straps give you multiple options to carry it from point A to point B, making it ultra-portable.

This bag can contain up to 6 pickleball paddles. You can also use it for other sports – the space inside is big enough to hold 2 full-size tennis or racquetball rackets. All in all, it’s a perfect gift for any pickleball player who is always complaining about not having a reliable bag to carry their equipment to the court.

2)   Pickleball T-shirt

If you’re looking for a gift that will bring a smile to any pickleball player’s face, you’ll want to check out this T-shirt. “Dink Responsibly” is a hitting technique that ensures the game goes on for as long as possible, increasing the chances that the opponent makes a mistake before you do.

It isn’t only the shirt’s branding that we appreciate. Its material of construction – 50% cotton – means the person you’ll be gifting it to will be able to use it around the year. This differentiates it from its 100% cotton or 100% polyester counterparts, whose utility begins and ends with seasons.

Yet another thing we like about this T-shirt is the number of sizes it’s available in. Whether the lucky person wearing it is size small or triple-XL, you won’t run out of options here. At the same time, its budget-friendly price tag means that you won’t have to blow a hole in your pocket to afford it.

3)   Pickleball Cap

Here’s another gift any male player would appreciate. Not only because the cap’s design would make the wearer look great on and off the court. Or that its tagline – ‘Just Dink It’ – is a phrase no pickleball player could ever come to dislike. Both these are valid reasons for absolutely loving this cap.

Instead, it’s the nice and smooth construction that could make anyone fall in love with the cap. Its manufacturer was thoughtful enough to include a buckle close. This ensures that the cap fits everyone from age 8 to 80, and beyond. The age-old ‘size doesn’t fit’ excuse won’t apply here.

The wearer would also appreciate the cap’s construction. A mesh top ensures the passage of air to keep your head cool on the warmest of days. Plus, its laid-back design helps the cap work with every outfit and a hard brim ensures the cap remains stable on your head in windy conditions.

4)   Pickleball Key Chains

Pickleball players have a mental list of the things they love doing. The top of which is playing the game whenever they get the chance. The next thing pickleball players could spend hours on is talking to fellow pickleball enthusiasts. That is where this keychain would come in handy.

Whether you’re in the court playing or outside it strolling to your car, the presence of this keychain in your hands will help any pickleball enthusiast recognize that both of you have a love of the game in common. This will initiate a conversation that might transform into a friendship if everything goes well.

Even if the person you’ll be gifting this keychain to isn’t the chatty type, they’d still appreciate this product’s resemblance with the game they love and breathe. After all, who doesn’t love showing off an excitable hobby to others.

5)   Pickleball License Plate Holder

This Pickleball License Plate Holder is an excellent way to show off your love of the game on your vehicle as you drive toward and away from the pickleball courts. Its bold font choice means everyone, including fellow pickleball enthusiasts, would be able to read the words from a mile away.

Not everything about this plate holder is aesthetics, though. Had that been the case, it wouldn’t have been an as popular pickleball gift idea as it is. After all, the plate holder would stay on come sunshine or hail. So it has to be tough and durable to be worthy of your money.

Guess what? That is precisely what this plate holder is. A heavy-duty metal construction prevents it from inviting rust or corrosion. Weatherproof construction means the super-sharp colors and graphics will stay intact for a long period. And pre-drilled holes ensure easy installation. What more can you ask for!

6)   Shadow-Ball Pickleball Gift Box

Unless your loved one is going to a fancy pickleball court, the chances are that he has to stop playing the moment daylight goes below a certain level. That’s because most courts don’t have floodlights, whereas those who do charge exorbitant prices for this facility.

Enter the Shadow-Ball Pickleball Gift Box. It packs a set of balls that glow in the dark, making sure that you continue playing after sundown. Three AAA batteries keep the built-in flashlight running for 2 – 3 days on a single charge, eliminating the need for any external light source.

It isn’t only the balls that glow. Their box also reflects light falling from an external source. This is an extremely handy feature as it ensures that once you’re done playing for the night, you won’t have to spend the next two hours searching for the box in the dark.

7)   Men’s Themed Pickleball Socks

Many pickleball-themed socks out there let you showcase your love for the game. The problem with most of them is that they go too over the top. Sure, you can wear them on the court. But their design prevents any sane-headed person from trying them out in a formal setting.

Luckily, that isn’t the case with the Men’s Themed Pickleball Socks. Their innovative design and bright colors ensure they would look as great on the court as they would in your office. So the person you’ll be gifting these socks to would be able to make a practical use out of these.

That said, the ideal location for these socks is a pickleball court. While you can use them in birthday celebrations, trips to the beach, and office parties, the best place to show them off is when you’re in the company of fellow pickleball enthusiasts. Most of them would then appreciate how good these socks look before (sneakily) ordering a pair for themselves.

8)   Tervis Pickleball Insulated Tumbler

Insulated tumblers work 24/7. Their double-walled construction – one wall inside, another wall outside – enables them to keep your coffee hot in the morning, iced water refreshing in the morning, iced coffee cool in the afternoon, and iced tea cold in the evening.

The unique thing about this insulated tumbler is that it is dishwasher-friendly. You can also use it in microwaves and refrigerators. A double-walled design means that you don’t have to worry about the drink inside spilling. Plus, it can last a long time with proper care and handling.

All of that is good and whatnot, but why are we recommending this tumbler as a gift for pickleball players? Mainly because it has a pickleball emblem at the front. But also due to the fact that it is thump-resistant. It could easily withstand multiple falls and collisions with wayward plastic balls.

9)   Pickleball Themed Napkins

What better way to remind your fellow eaters about your love for the sport than putting this pickleball-themed napkin paper on your lap as you’re about to enjoy your meal? Its bright green color and bold lettering will convey to everyone around you how passionate you’re about the game.

Bear in mind that these aren’t ordinary cocktail napkins. A clear cellophane packaging means they’re recyclable and compostable. Another benefit of cellophane packaging is that it prevents the napkins from bending, making sure you can use them for as long as needed.

A 3-ply construction means that any food particles that may fall onto the napkin’s surface won’t permeate it. You can thus count on these napkins to keep your clothes clean. Unless the person you’ll be gifting these to already has dirt on their tracksuit after a few hours at the court.

10)   BigMouth Inc Coffee Mug

Tell us about the person you’ll be gifting this mug to. Does he have a sense of humor? In that case, you won’t go wrong with the BigMouth Coffee Mug. This hilarious-looking mug has the potential to bring a wide smile to their face and remind them why your presence in their life is a blessing.

Enough chit-chat about emotions. It’s time we look at this mug’s practical features. It’s made of ceramic, the kind that will break into quite a few pieces in the event of a minor fall. Better restrict it to your living room or, if you’re daring enough, to a prominent place on your office desk.

The last place where anyone should take this mug is the pickleball court. Unlike some of the products mentioned above, it might not be able to withstand tumbles on hard floors. Also, make sure to tell the person you’d be gifting this mug to that it is not microwave-safe.

Pickleball Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to picking gifts for pickleball enthusiast women, the sky is the limit. Still, to make the job a bit easier for you, we’ll only look at the top 10 gift ideas.

1)   Pickleball Paddle Pendant Necklace

This Pickleball Paddle Pendant Necklace is the perfect gift for any woman who adores pickleball. This pendant necklace is sport enough to be worn on a pickleball field. At the same time, women can also match it with items in their everyday wear.

A closer inspection of this pendant will reveal a pickleball paddle in the middle. The paddle, as well as the chain, are made of 0.925 sterling silver. Both also feature a platinum coating. Silver is responsible for giving the pendant its appeal; the platinum coating, its durability.

A small amount of cubic zirconia on both sides of the pendant adds to the shine and sparkle of the design, making this pendant necklace an excellent gift for a sister, mom, or wife who loves pickleball and wants others to know about the enthusiasm they have about this game.

2)   Mini Pickleball Earrings

Multiple things are going in these mini pickleball earrings’ favor. The first is their eye-catching design, which would leave no doubt in the mind of anyone looking at them about the favorite sports of the wearer. The earrings’ yellow color also makes them as prominent as possible.

Unlike most pickleball earrings out there, these are also nickel-free. This brings the chances of allergic reaction – nickel can cause an allergic reaction called dermatitis in people susceptible to it – down to almost zero. So you can gift these without inquiring about the wearer’s allergies.

By purchasing these earrings, you won’t be sending your hard-earned cash to a bottom-less profit-kitty of an organization. Instead, you’d be helping a small mom-and-pop store. Together with the features discussed above, this is another excellent reason to check out these earrings.

3)   Pickleball Paddle Bracelet

Here is another excellent pickleball gift for women. This Pickleball Paddle Bracelet is made to shine under the sunlight. A .925 sterling silver ensures it glows at night, too, helping the wearer distinguish herself from the crowd. And a platinum coating keeps dust, dirt, and rust at bay.

Like the pendant necklace we discussed above, this bracelet, too, has a paddle in the middle. But that is where the similarities end. This product’s paddle is much shinier. Dozens of lustrous silver crystals dot the paddle, giving it a luxurious appeal.

Users state that the bracelet is super-light. Even when fitted snugly against the wrist, it won’t cause any skin reactions or rashes. There won’t even be the minor redness that follows most bracelets. All in all, it is a perfect gift for that mother, wife, friend, or sister in your life.

4)   Women’s Pickleball Skirt

This Women’s Pickleball Skirt is unlike any other you see on the internet. Its 92% polyester construction makes it perfect sportswear. Polyester is non-absorbent in nature, meaning it won’t let your sweat inside. Instead, it will bring sweat particles to the front, letting surrounding air take care of them.

Another exciting thing about polyester is that it is an all-season fabric. Its insulating properties allow you to use it in cold, hot, or moderate weather. That’s precisely the reason why professional pickleball players wear polyester – it keeps them dry and comfortable, so that they can focus on the game.

You might find it pleasing to note that this skirt comes with built-in shorts. The shorts’ built-in inseam is long enough to prevent chafing on the thighs. And their inner elastic waist will not let excessive movement force the short down, as well as hiding stomach.

5)   Women’s Pickleball Tote

This would be the ultimate gift for any pickleball player. A roomy and lightweight tote is something that a lot of female players would love to have but might not be willing to spoil themselves with. While it doesn’t come cheap, the tote bag will help its owner safely carry all her valuables to and from the court.

One of the best things about this tote bag is that it’s roomy yet lightweight. This sets it apart from totes that use their roominess as an excuse for being bulky. At the same time, its removable strap is sturdy enough to carry weight many times the bag’s size. So you won’t have any cause for complaint there.

The tote bag comes with three paddle holders. There’s also a dedicated phone pocket, large water bottle holder and mesh pocket. Also, its manufacturer has lined the tote’s interior with a protective material to save your rackets from scratches and damage. Plus, you get a 1-year warranty for defects.

6)   Hand Blown Glass Pickle Ornaments

These hand blown glass pickle ornaments will help you surprise her this coming Christmas. They have that unique festive look and feel to them. An attached spring lets you easily hang them on a tree.And the light-reflecting glass they are made of will ensure they stay sparkling in the corner.

There’s also a nice backstory to these ornaments. Legend has it that a pickle was the last ornament St. Nicholas placed on a Christmas tree. The tradition is still followed in some parts of the world, and the first child to find the hidden pickle is rewarded with an extra gift.

Even if you have no plans of hiding this pickle ornament in a manner that it wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye, you could still hang it on the tree and appreciate its beauty. All the while sharing with anyone who would listen the delightful story mentioned above.

7)   Embroidered Pickleball Towel

Here’s another gift female players would appreciate. This embroidered towel has the “perfect gift for pickleball lovers” written all over it. There’s no reason why the person you’d be gifting it to would want to be without this lightweight, super-absorbent, and quick-drying towel.

The fact that it is made of a microfiber cloth means you can wipe your clubs with this towel without worrying about any scratches or scuff marks. You can also wipe your pickleball off with it. Even if you wipe your hands with this towel, its cute design won’t let anyone around you bat an eyelid.

What is more, this pickleball towel comes with a handy metal clip. You can use the metal clip to secure it against any immovable object. This will ensure that during the time you’re fully engrossed in the game, any miscreant doesn’t develop any funny ideas about setting off with the towel.

8)   Premium Pickleball Gloves

Gloves are a vital part of pickleball gear. They help you maintain a good grip on the racket, which is crucial for when you are playing tricky shots to deceive the opponent. A good pair of gloves will also ensure the racket from slipping when your hands are wet.

Another exciting thing about these gloves is that they are made of premium leather. You can wear them for hours without feeling any strain in your fingers or thumb. A breathable mesh exterior allows easy passage of air, keeping your hands from getting clammy.

These gloves are available in the one-size-fits-all category. There is no need to measure the person’s hands who will be lucky enough to get these as gifts from you. This is a huge plus if you don’t want to tell that person in advance what you have in store for them.

9)   Pickleball Women’s Leggings

These Pickleball women’s leggings are the perfect pickleball gift for her. Their construction is 92% polyester, which means you can count these leggings to be non-absorbent in nature. That means they won’t absorb any sweat but will allow the surrounding air to dry it on its own.

That is what allows these polyester leggings to stay relaxed and comfortable. Also, when the pickleball player would get hot, the leggings won’t force sweat to stay inside. Instead, its invisible pores will allow sweat particles to rise to the surface, keeping the player dry.

Yet another unique thing about these leggings is their design. Or, to be more specific, the pickleball embroidery on the right leg. If you’re selecting a gift for someone who wants the whole world to know how enthusiastic they’re about the game, these pickleball women’s leggings are perfect.

10)   Pickleball Queen Mug

Everybody likes tea or coffee. These are the sources of fuel that helps us get out and stay out of bed in the morning. So why not gift that special someone this pickleball queen mug? This gift will remind them of you every time they look at it, further cementing your relationship.

That said, everything about this glove isn’t emotions. It has its fair share of practical features too. Stainless steel construction means that the glove could withstand minor falls. A spill-proof lid is also offered, making this glove suitable for outdoor activities like pickleball.

This BPA-free glove is completely eco-friendly. It also comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee. A double-wall vacuum ensures that any cold beverage stored inside will remain at its initial temperature for up to 9 hours. The mug could also keep your tea/coffee hot for three hours at least.

Pickleball Gift Ideas for Children

Have a little one who wants to spend their days and nights on the court? Here are pickleball gift ideas for children who can’t seem to get enough of the game.

1)   Pickleball Book/Guide

Books are every person’s best friend. Or in this case every child’s. This is an excellent strategy book for youngsters who are new to this game. The writers have done a really fine job of explaining everything in simple and easy to understand language.

Almost every page of the book is dotted with pictures to retain your child’s attention. Multiple step by step guides are also on offer. So that whenever your child gets stuck on something, they could just turn to the page with the relevant information, instead of scouring the entire book.

Written by pickleball legend Coach Mo, who won a silver medal in the 35+ open men’s double category at the young age of 70, this book is unique in that it uses easy-to-understand diagrams to explain complex stroke techniques. Your little one wouldn’t be able to put it down once they’ve started reading it.

2)   Pickleball Paddle for Kids

It’s always great to see your kids love the same game you do. Pickleball might be new to your little ones, but they can enjoy the sport. And you help take their enthusiasm for the game to the next level by gifting them this lightweight yet sturdy pickleball paddle.

Available in sets of 1 and two, this paddle has a smaller grip size to fit your child’s hand. At the same time, it is made of the same heavy-quality materials used in standard-size paddles. A composite graphite surface and a honeycomb core combine to add years to the paddle’s shelf life.

This paddle also has an edge guard for extra protection. Fun design means your little one will have no reason to get bored of it. And the fact that the paddle comes with a drawstring bag means the chances of your child forgetting this paddle at the court are close to zero.

3)   Pickleball Sports Water Bottle

Don’t let its simple-looking design deceive you. This aluminum bottle has what it takes to withstand multiple falls, thuds, and collisions with the court’s floor. At the same time, its eye-catching exterior would make it your little one’s favorite water bottle.

A glossy white color covers the aluminum casing. The spout and carabiner clip are both high quality. None of them looks as if it would give way in a few months’ time. Tell your little one (in case they don’t know it already) to clip the bottle in their backpack’s loops for added security.

You might be thinking that the high gloss image on the outside is paper. What if we tell you that it isn’t? It is a custom printed image sublimated directly to a white-glossy exterior. No matter how roughly you wash your utensils, the image won’t be coming off anytime soon.

4)   Pickle Pen

Most pickleball gifts you have seen above will come in handy on the court. The Pickle Pen is different. It is designed to lighten the mood at school or joke around in the house. Anyone with an iota of humor in their personality will enjoy being around it.

Your little one can experiment with different types of writing with this pen. They can take class notes, write homework, send notes, draw doodles, or do whatever it’s that children do these days. All the while having a smile on their face thanks to this pen’s funny design.

This pen’s sharp ballpoint has enough ink to last months under normal use. The water-resistant ink will help your child write with confidence. And its budget-friendly asking price (about 1/10thof some pickleball gift ideas we discussed above) won’t put any burden on your pocket either.

5)   Pickleball Wall Art

This unique artwork will reinforce your child’s love for the game. And you don’t have to wait for an occasion to gift it to your little one. Its eye-catching colors and the to-the-point branding ensures every pickleball fan would appreciate getting this wall art any day of the year.

You might find it useful to note that this wall art is made in the US. The photographic paper on which the message is printed is of the highest quality. Its designer wants you to know that the poster will last a lifetime. But she doesn’t go as far as offering any kind of warranty on it.

Which is expected once you take a look at this wall art’s price. Keep in mind that the print comes unframed. You’ll have to choose the frame yourself after receiving it. We’re happy to note this because it means you can choose the frame that complements your kid’s room décor.

6)   Pickleball Sunglasses

What kid doesn’t want to sport a pair of sunglasses? Most parents are aware of this, yet they stop short of gifting this item. Parents know that most kids’ sunglasses are brittle and/or use poor quality lenses. They either break down too quickly or are useless from day one.

That is something you won’t have to worry about with these pickleball sunglasses. Made of high-quality plastic frame, they are as sturdy as any sunglasses can be. A blue tint lens filters out foliage, background fences, grass, and the sun to help the wearer focus on the game.

Surprisingly for a pair of sunglasses that could be termed as pocket-friendly, these goggles have an ASTM F803 approved polycarbonate lens. One that is 10 times more impact-resistant than ordinary plastic. You can thus count on these pickleball sunglasses to stay around for quite a while.

7)   Pickleball School Bag

This Pickleball School Bag kills many birds with one stone. Its size is big enough to hold multiple pickleball paddles, balls, clothes, and accessories. Two side mesh elastic pockets are also present for water bottles. Both the pockets have clips to secure their contents.

It is also built to last. A high-quality 1680 Denier Polyester fabric ensures multiple nicks, cuts and falls won’t be able to do anything to the bag’s sturdiness. An inner fabric lining, meanwhile, will keep the bag from coming apart from the inside.

How would your child’s friends know that their buddy loves pickleball? A mere glance at this bag’s front pocket would be enough. A bold white-colored “Pickleball Power” logo will let them know their classmate spends the majority of the after-school hours on the court.

8)   Pickleball Medal Holder Rack

Nothing encourages kids to take a sustained interest in an activity than the knowledge that they’re getting something out of it. Untainted by the experiences of adult life, they want to win and showcase their wins to the world. Which is where this pickleball medal holder rack enters the picture.

Seeing that there are empty spots left on the rack will ensure they keep going even when they aren’t feeling like it. This will introduce them to the ‘Never Say Die’ attitude crucial for getting ahead in every area of life, even if that area is of a pickleball court.

Regardless of how competitive your little one is, they would never run out of space to hang their medals. The extra-long silver hooks on this rack can hold multiple award ribbons. You can thus count on the hooks to not weigh down under the weight of items they’re supposed to carry.

Pickleball Gift Ideas for Elderly

One of the best things about pickleball is that it has no age limit.

1)   Old Man Pickleball T-Shirt

You are friends with an old man spending his retirement days on the court. Everyone around him respects him. But it isn’t only his age that has earned him the reverence of his fellow players, many of whom are much younger than himself.

Instead, it’s his game on the court that ensures he earns plaudits every time he steps off it. What better gift for such a tenacious human being than this T-Shirt. This will let him celebrate his passion while motivating others his age to do the same with theirs.

Available in 5 different colors, this cotton T-shirt comes in at a budget-friendly price and is a great pickleball gift. Also, there is as much chance of the T-shirt not fitting your grandpa as there are of him losing a game on the court. Celebrate your old man’s love for the game by gifting him this T-shirt. If this shirt doesn’t fit his style you can find more of our top picks for pickleball shirts here!

2)   Grandmas Coffee Mug

Why do only grandpas have all the fun? While your old man is sauntering around in his T-shirt, gifted to him by his favorite granddaughter or grandson, why not get something for your grandma too? Something as subtle as a coffee mug. But one that has branding to convey her love of pickleball to the world.

This elegantly designed and strong ceramic cup is built to last. The manufacturer has further amplified the cup’s reputation by stating that it’s microwave and dishwasher-safe. Depending on how much coffee/tea your grandma devours in one sitting, you can order this mug in both small and mega sizes.

All in all, this coffee mug has everything to bring a smile to your grandma’s face, while also telling your grandpa who you think is the ‘real’ deal between those two in the house.


In this detailed guide, we’ve presented you with as many as 40 different gift ideas. Whether the person you’re searching gift ideas for is below 10, in his early teens, or enjoying the carefree days of retirement, our guide has you covered.

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